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Jen and Dave are long distance sweethearts. Jen, a physicist, has been working in France, and Dave is a Physics teacher in Calgary – they met while studying (you guessed it!) Physics at Simon Fraser University.  Isn’t that adorable??

Because they’ve spent too much time apart and are looking forward to getting married (and finally living in the same country!), we wove a theme of “reunion” through their engagement photos!  I’m looking forward to their wedding next year at SFU!

Speaking of adorable …I love how spontaneous and playful they are…Male model!Right? RIGHT?!!!!BOOM!!!  She’s STUNNING!Jen and Dave have a set of pillows that ALSO reunite when they get together… so cute!It’s like Romeo and Juliet….but with hockey. 😛Okay, seriously? Stop it. Y’all are WAY TOO CUTE!I can’t wait to see where life’s journey takes these two….

Jazmine - AAAHH! Congratulations on being engaged!! I’m so excited for you to be embarking on the incredible journey of marriage. I’ll be praying for you guys as you prepare. By the way, these are gorgeous photos. Like everyone’s saying, I love the blue shoes too :) You’ll never believe this, but our rings are almost (almost) the exact same.

Blanche Tate - amazing photos, loved the theme , congrats Dave and Jen you guys look so good together.

Bonnie Millin - Your pictures are wonderful. Your two look soo happy.

Judy MacKinnon - What wonderful pictures. Wishing you all the best!

Jennifer Vallance - Seriously…..tears picking in my eyes! Sooooo beautiful and fun and incredible.
Hugs to you both :)

Sandra Gay - Great pictures! Love the setting. Sandra

karen godfrey - beautiful Jen and handsome Dave congrats… love the blue shoes

Dennis Neumann - Very nice, and I definitely appreciate the CN locamotive shot. And I recognize that brick wall too!

Leticia Drinnin - aw, I love the pictures! very cute and great shots Alex!

Rose Wood - Thanks Jenn for sharing the picturesI loved them…I am excited for you both. Some of Justin and Becca’s wedding pictures were taken @ the same railway station. The best to you both! Rose Wood

Apryl Carter - You guys look amazing! Love the blue shoes 😉

Shelley Belle - They are absolutely beautiful! Congratulations again, Jen! :) Another fantastic job, Ally! :)

Peggy Yuan Porter - Beautiful!

Kelsea Wright - You guys are adorable! These pictures are amazing :)

Kristen Gilligan - You guys make me want to become a swinger. Very hot.

Karyn Davidson-Wehner - Beautiful photo’s!

Courtney Whitney - Great pictures guys! LOVE the shoes Jen!

Alex Martyniuk - Grats!

Katie Kiener - BEAUTIFUL pictures! Congrats Jen and Dave. Can’t wait for your special day :)

Joanna Burgess - Wow, amazing pictures. Jennifer Godfrey, you look beautiful. I am so happy for both of you. I am sure that you will have a fantastic day :) x.

Kacey Oravec - Super cute! We had our photos at the same place in Fort Langley.

Ellie Davies - I think the hockey ones are my favourite! They are all amazing though Jen!

Jen - Thanks Alexandra! They look great, we’re thrilled with them! Makes me excited for our wedding photos :)

sylwek - Congratulations !!! All the best for you !!!! Sylwek

Shannon - So cute!! I love the dip!! And also the swing dancing, the hockey (esp the “what the hell?” hockey one), and all four with the picnic blanket!

Naghmeh Re - lovely pics, lovely couple.

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